“I’d like to go from 700 to 100K Facebook likes.”

“I’m struggling with being strategic as opposed to reactionary.”

“How do I manage my time and create an organized schedule for myself?”

What is the common solution to these challenges and questions? Planning!

The struggles and challenges Nonprofit MarCommunity email subscribers share with me often come back to strategy and planning. I find myself asking questions like, “Why?” “How did you set your objectives?” “How did you establish your priorities?” So often, addressing the day-to-day problems means taking a step back to look at the bigger picture and tightening up communications strategies and plans.

As a result, I have another resource roundup post for you (see the posts on media relations and branding). This time, it’s all about communications planning.

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Nonprofit communications planning: a roundup of resources

Thank you so much, Marnie, Nathalie, Suzanne and Genie for the communications planning articles you’ve contributed to the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog over the years!

What’s missing from this communications planning roundup? Comment below to let me know what you need help with and I’ll try to find someone to write about it!

Setting objectives, conducting audits, building budgets >> a roundup of nonprofit communications planning posts from @serenevistas @SHallsworth @nath_noel @egratto #NPMC Click To Tweet
Marlene Oliveira

Marlene Oliveira

Communications advisor and copywriter at moflow
Marlene Oliveira is communications consultant and copywriter at moflow and founder of the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog. Having worked in the nonprofit sector since 1999, Marlene specializes in working with capacity building and grant-making organizations, advising on communications strategy, and writing stories and other content.
Marlene Oliveira
Marlene Oliveira