We talk about books often here at the Nonprofit MarCommunity – this is a professional development site after all – and we get many awesome recommendations from our bloggers about what to read. Our past reviews, as well recent conversations I’ve had, started me thinking about the number books available that are specific to nonprofit marketing.

The number of nonprofit marketing books has definitely grown in the last few years, but it’s still relatively small if you rule out those focused on fundraising and nonprofit management in general. And I frequently discover nonprofit marketers who have never heard of some of my ‘must reads’.

So I thought I’d share the list of nonprofit marketing books in my own library, along with my top-level take for each. Most I’ve read, one partially, one is still waiting on my shelf and many have already been reviewed on this blog.


The Brand Idea: Managing Nonprofit Brands with Integrity, Democracy and Affinity  

-by Nathalie Laidler-Kylander and Julia Shepard Stenzel

  • Focus: branding
  • My take: I’m just digging in now and based on the introduction alone, it is very promising. I’m excited by the authors’ research-based focus – as well as their recognition of a need for nonprofit-specific models and approaches to branding. Review coming soon!


Content Marketing for Nonprofits: A Communications Map for Engaging your Community, Becoming a Favorite Cause and Raising More Money

-by Kivi Leroux Miller

  • Focus: content marketing
  • My take: This is a great primer for those new to content marketing. The highlight for me was Kivi’s way of breaking down the otherwise intimidating content development process. If you already feel well-versed in content marketing, you might find this book quite basic.

Previously reviewed for the Nonprofit MarCommunity by Janet McCausland


Social Change Anytime Everywhere: How to Implement Online Multichannel Strategies to Spark Advocacy, Raise Money, and Engage your Community

-by Amy Sample Ward and Allyson Kapin

  • Focus: digital marketing, social media campaigns
  • My take: I haven’t read it yet but based on the reviews I’ve heard about it and the subject matter, I’m looking forward to doing so.

Previously reviewed for the Nonprofit MarCommunity by Alexandra Axel


Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding: Seven Principles to Power Extraordinary Results

-by Jocelyne S. Daw and Carol Cone

  • Focus: branding
  • My take: I made several attempts, but just couldn’t get into this book. I found it relied a little too heavily on examples, and not enough on core content, but I will revisit it in hopes that it just wasn’t resonating at the time.


Brandraising: How Nonprofits Raise Visibility and Money Through Smart Communications

-by Sarah Durham

  • Focus: branding
  • My take: Must read! In my view, this is THE book and guide to nonprofit branding. It is so informative and practical. I enjoyed the electronic version so much, I also purchased a hard copy for easier reference.

Previously reviewed for the Nonprofit MarCommunity by Marlene Oliveira

 The Nonprofit Marketing Guide: High-Impact, Low-Cost Ways to Build Support for Your Good Cause

-by Kivi Leroux Miller

  • Focus: Comprehensive guide to nonprofit marketing communications
  • My take: Must read! Although Kivi’s new book helps readers to understand the current shift to ‘pull’ versus ‘push’ marketing, The Nonprofit Marketing Guide is an essential read and a true guide.

Previously reviewed for the Nonprofit MarCommunity by Janet McCausland


Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Saavy to Sell Just Causes

-by Katya Andresen

  • Focus: Making the case for nonprofit marketing, using corporate examples.
  • My take: Skip it. Since this book was published, many more options have become available, focusing on nonprofits and using examples of nonprofit marketing excellence. I’m think we’ve moved past the days of having to take cues from corporations!


Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

-by Siri Espy

  • Focus: Marketing strategy, working from a true marketing orientation.
  • My take: I’m so glad that I was given this book early in my career. It’s old, hard to get a hold of and some elements are really out of date, but the basic principles are as valuable as ever.


Have you read any of these books? Which are your favourites and why?

Is this a comprehensive list? What books would you add?


Marlene Oliveira

Marlene Oliveira

Communications advisor and copywriter at moflow
Marlene Oliveira is communications consultant and copywriter at moflow and founder of the Nonprofit MarCommunity blog. Having worked in the nonprofit sector since 1999, Marlene specializes in working with capacity building and grant-making organizations, advising on communications strategy, and writing stories and other content.
Marlene Oliveira
Marlene Oliveira