December 15, 2022 update: the Nonprofit MarCommunity has shut down publication. While we are no longer accepting any submissions or requests I’m keeping our editorial guidelines up for you to use as a template for your organization’s blog. I hope it helps!


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Nonprofit MarCommunity. Our content provides marketers and communicators working in the nonprofit sector with the insight, tools, and advice they need to deliver effective nonprofit marketing communications. By contributing to our blog you have an opportunity to share your expertise, experiences and knowledge with our audience, while raising your profile.

Note: although there is overlap (and sometimes grey areas), we steer clear of fundraising focussed articles on this blog. This is not because fundraising topics aren’t important – rather they are so well covered by other blogs and there is so much more to nonprofit marketing that needs to be covered!

Our content goal

We want our readers to use the blog as a reliable source of reputable information, tools and training to support them in their roles, and their professional development. Each blog post should provide actionable advice or guidance that can be applied to readers’ nonprofit communications activities.

Target audience

  • Marketing and communications professionals (e.g. coordinators, managers, directors of marketing communications)
  • Executive directors and other leaders with marcom in their portfolio
  • Other nonprofit staff (e.g. fund development, program delivery, volunteer development) pros also responsible for marcom
  • Marketing and communications volunteers, interns, students

Submission Criteria

The Nonprofit MarCommunity blog content emphasizes the following types of posts (in order of preference), which will be given priority:

  • How-to: e.g. How to write a nonprofit media release. When writing how-to posts, please follow the process outlined in this article: How to Write a How-To Post: 7 Simple Steps. For more guidance, see How to Create How-To Content That Doesn’t Suck.
  • Lists and checklists: helpful how-to content that is best presented in a list format
  • Case studies: e.g. How x organization successfully launched a new blog
  • Reviews: reviews or books and product (e.g. e-newsletter software, newswire service, etc.) or reviews/summaries of recent research studies/reports
  • Expert interviews: from experts in the sector, or general marketing communications experts that can reasonably put their views into the nonprofit context – written or video
  • News: nonprofit marcom-related commentary on current events/news from either inside or outside of the sector


  • Posts should simplify/guide some part of the nonprofit marketing communications process or experience.
  • Writing should be targeted to the information needs of small- to mid-sized nonprofits and not to individual practitioners or freelancers.
  • The use of videos, photos, charts, screenshots and other visual content is encouraged.
  • Information or tools that readers can *use*, should be included, such as templates, a step-by-step guide or a checklist.
  • Whenever possible, real-life examples and/or case studies should be included, to demonstrate the concepts described.

We do not accept submissions that fall into the following categories:

  • Articles created as blatant link-bait, with little original insight or practical discussion provided within the post copy.
  • Op-ed style posts that discuss why an issue is important without discussing how, specifically, it can be leveraged by nonprofit communicators.
  • Posts that have already been published elsewhere.
  • White papers, and other promotional content that is meant to tout the benefits of one specific product/service over others.


Write headlines with a goal of drawing traffic and generate more social media shares and click-throughs. Some helpful tips can be found here:

We can help; your headline might be reviewed/modified before posting.

Style and formatting

In order to provide rich, in-depth information, targetted length for blog posts should be 500-1800 words, with a preference for 800 words or longer. Posts should be written for easy online reading, including the following:

  • Write in short sentences
  • Break up large blocks of text with headings
  • Bullet your major points
  • Use subheads


As a community resource, we do encourage and allow links to outside blogs and websites provided the links are to content that supports the content goals and criteria listed above.

  • Guest bloggers from nonprofits can link to your organization’s websites in the body of your post (if relevant) and in your author bio/box.
  • Guest bloggers from businesses are asked to include a maximum of one useful and relevant link back to your own site/blog within posts, with an additional link in your author bio/box.

Internal linking is encouraged where previous Nonprofit MarCommunity posts support or enhance your topic and may be added to your post for you.

Topic submission

You may have been approached to write a specific post based on your expertise in which case the following does not apply:

If you are suggesting new ideas for posts, please submit your topic for consideration before you start writing. This prevents potential time wasted on writing a submission that might not be accepted.

Content review process

Submitted content (topic previously approved) will be reviewed within one week of submission (faster if possible and for time-sensitive content). If revisions are required, the draft will be returned to you with comments to be reviewed again before posting. To accommodate for the review process, please submit your post at least one week before the targetted posting date. If this is your first time writing for the Nonprofit MarCommunity, please submit your post two weeks before the posting date.

Commenting/conversation and social sharing

We expect guest bloggers to engage in the conversation around your post for three days and to respond as quickly as possible. We request that guest authors promote your posts on social media, your blog, newsletters, and other platforms, if applicable and as you see fit.

Republishing and repurposing your content

While we will only consider original, unpublished materials for publication, we are happy to allow our published authors to repurpose their posts elsewhere, with the following stipulations:

  • There should be a two-week window between the time your article goes live on Nonprofit MarCommunity and the time it is published on another site.
  • All subsequent publication of your article must cite the Nonprofit MarCommunity as the original source and provide a link to the original article.

What to send with your article submission

1. Your bio: Bio should be approximately 60 words. Not counted in these 60 words, please also include any relevant links/social networks you wish to display (e.g., your blog, LinkedIn, Facebook Page, website URL, etc.). To include LinkedIn, please ensure that you have set up a custom url.

2. Images that support your writing (optional): If you have images (or can create them) that support your post visually, please send them as separate attachments along with your post.

If you would like to submit a post or article idea, or have any questions, please contact us.