The role of marketing in nonprofit organizations

What a chat this was! Lively discussion, a little debate and a number of resources and recommended reading shared, which are reposted below.

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Resources and recommended reading that came up during the chat

@JasonShim: Michelle Dagnino has some good insights on generational/attitude differences in the workplace: #npmc

@mo_flow: Way too fast and amazing conversation! Continue /stay connected in our LinkedIn group: #NPMC

@communicable: Highly recommend a book I’m reading now – thinking fast and slow – for all Comms pros out there in the wild #NPMC

@marcopolis: Creating a Web 2.0 Plan for Your Organization. From 2008, still relevant/useful – STRATEGY.… #npmc

@colleengauthier: If you haven’t read @danpink’s new book I highly recommend. To Sell is Human. Awesome insight #NPMC

@communicable: Would love to get your thoughts on the state of social media marketing… #NPMC

@marcopolis: A2 Jason Mogus has good insight here: Can we please stop getting creamed on messaging?… #npmc

@JasonShim: @MobilisationLab is a great example from @Greenpeace of an innovative approach to digital communications, not strictly marketing #npmc

@JasonShim:On breaking down silos, @RHBDaveHowlett has some great resources around breaking down barriers on his site: #npmc